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Don’t use ESX 4.1 if you have Broadcom Nics!

October 29th, 2010

Thanks VMware!   My previous post referenced VMware’s KB article about the inbox Broadcom driver with ESX 4.1 which can cause a PSOD.

The workaround was to use the vsish console utility to disable IP Checksum support. You can’t even make this change with PowerCLI as it uses private APIs according to guru LucD.

On further reading and far more serious is that this change doesn’t persist across reboots!  Really, VMware you can’t seriously be offering a solution to a major problem that won’t work after a reboot.

Come on everyone…VMware, Broadcom, HP need to get together and sort this out!

Until then I wouldn’t recommend anyone with Broadcom nics deploying ESX 4.1 unless you can get clever and run this as a script when an ESX host boots.

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