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Vote TODAY to keep independent blogging alive!

February 6th, 2012

Eric Siebert who blogs at vSphere Land is well known for putting together the vLaunchpad list of all virtualisation blogs he is aware of and has very kindly included me in the list.

Eric also runs an election to get the virtualisation community to vote for the Top 25 blogs and getting your blog voted onto this list is a serious boost to your credentials in the virtualisation community and it is currently election time!

Today is the last day to vote for your favourite blogs.

You can cast your vote here:

This year the voting is sponsored by TrainSignal and you can win copies of their vSphere5 and View training videos.

Go Independent

I’m going to ask that you make special consideration for the independent bloggers who write and research in their spare time going above and beyond their day job descriptions to share their knowledge and experience about their virtualisation, cloud, VDI, storage, networking, whatever journey for the benefit of the community.

They don’t have a gazzillion dollar marketing budget behind them, funded in time and resources by a vendor or other company who uses them to drive sales and may limit what they can say. They don’t have all day to write about their day job. They write with passion & enthusiasm to provide truly independent, opinionated, sometimes controversial advice and knowledge to help out their fellow IT person and help expand all our knowledge.

Receiving some votes in a poll like this is some reward for the countless hours spent so I’m asking for your support on behalf of all independents. In no way am I maligning the guys and girls who provide amazing content and work for vendors or solution providers but they have their company resources behind them and sometimes it helps to cheer on the little guy.

Yes, the big guys are still going to gets lots of votes but for the independent getting some recognition for the work you do means you are more motivated to write some more and that helps us all out.

So, with that in mind, Eric has also listed some criteria to use in your voting.

  • Longevity – Anyone can start a blog but it requires dedication, time & effort to keep it going. Some bloggers start a blog only to have it fall to the wayside several months later. Things always come up in life but the good bloggers keep going regardless of what is happening in their life.
  • Length – It’s easy to make a quick blog post without much content, nothing wrong with this as long as you have good content in the post that people will enjoy. But some bloggers post pretty long detailed posts which takes a lot of time and effort to produce. The tip of the hat goes to these guys that burn the midnight oil trying to get you some great detailed information.
  • Frequency – Some bloggers post several times a week which provides readers with lots of content. This requires a lot of effort as bloggers have to come up with more content ideas to write about. Frequency ties into length, some do high frequency/low length, some do low frequency/high length, some do both. They’re all good and require a lot of time and effort on the bloggers part.
  • Quality – It all comes down to whats in the blog post regardless of how often or how long the blog posts are. After reading a blog post if you come away with learning something that you did not previously know and it benefits you in some way then you know you are reading a quality post. Good quality is usually the result of original content, its easy to re-hash something previously published elsewhere, the good bloggers come up with unique content or put their own unique spin on popular topics.
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