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HP Discover Buzz: HP Software

June 3rd, 2015

IMG_7635Last year, one of the highlights of HP Discover for me was spending some time one-to-one with HP Software’s VP of Strategic Marketing, Paul Muller, who walked and talked around the show floor going through some of what HP Software is doing in a forthright and honest way which I appreciated. HP Software has a pretty diverse portfolio including LoadRunner, Fortify, TippingPoint & Arcsight on the infrastructure side and a ton of other stuff from Haven, Vertica, Idle for Big Data and a number of performance analysis suits and tools for application engineering and testing.

Paul spoke again today about the “continuous innovation enterprise”. Paul said enterprises are struggling to differentiate through “digital” (a buzz term I don’t particularly like BTW). He says 25% of companies will miss the shift and lose market position (does this include HP!?). He then went to on to talk about how HP is trying to help business and IT leaders understand this transformation. I was kean to hear concrete examples of software HP is developing to do this rather than just though leadership or some advisory service. Paul used the examples of their Application Lifecycle Management product suite which is used by developers for testing, performance engineering and lifecycle management all delivering apps to various places including mobile delivery. An interesting piece he spoke about what using Big Data analytics to be able to predict bugs in software development using historical defect rates before code is shipped which can dramatically reduce the bug rate and increase user experience.
Last year when we chatted about buzzword “Big Data”, Paul had mentioned he preferred the term “Connected Intelligence” which I liked.

He talked about cloud and Big Data and they are seeing enterprises putting anonymised data into the cloud for testing purposes with HP Haven and HP Idle on Demand but then in production deploying it on premises. He also said we are seeing a change in process for enterprises, the past 60 years has been about taking paper based processes and making them digital, now we are creating new digitally native processes which are becoming far more efficient. With advances in analytics, they can now take doctors famously unreadable writing and analyse them and directly correlate the notes to patient outcomes.

Driving down the cost of analytics using HP Vertica is also a focus and bringing more data analytics into other areas for example log analysis. Using the compression of Vertica to analyse and store vast amounts of log data to predict potential problems and even offer diagnosis. He also sees HP bringing together software, services and infrastructure so we can expect so see more converged systems and I would presume hyper-converged systems with integrated HP software and hardware. The stack is alive and well!

HP has a very diverse product portfolio, I can already start to see the look and feel from a design point of view harmonise the products but can they capitalise on this and be able to cross sell products or be able to link these sometimes different products together to provide solutions that could be great revenue earners.


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