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VMworld US 2016 Buzz: Office of the CTO Stand: Corfu Distributed Shared Log

September 14th, 2016

Adding some more colour to the highlights from my VMworld US 2016 coverage:

I made a point as I always do at VMworld to head to the VMware Office of the CTO booth to have a glimpse into the future.

I had been to a session which I blogged about: VMworld US 2016 Buzz: Hot Topics in VMware Research – CTO9406 so here are my notes from that:

Michael Wei spoke about Corfu which is an open source distributed open scale platform. He went through how a typical application becomes distributed which leads to a whole bunch of tools to get this working. Corfu is meant to solve this by being a distributed shared log with strong consistency for massive scale. Corfu objects are in-memory, highly available data structures and are being baked initially into NSX to provide a much more scalable and flexible control plane. They are also researching new programming models to be able to take advantage of this.

Corfu OneData is a new project using this platform for BigData. This provides a common Big Data store but still using native Hadoop/MySQL/Cassandra etc. APIs

Read more about Corfu here: https://research.vmware.com/projects/1

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I did ask whether Corfu could underpin vCenter and they said good idea! They are seeing how this works first for NSX before looking further for VMware products.

The CTO Stand had some more information:

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