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VMworld US 2016 Buzz: The Solutions Exchange

September 14th, 2016

Adding some more colour to the highlights from my VMworld US 2016 coverage:

I didn’t actually spend as much time as I normally do in the Solutions Exchange this year. I didn’t have any burning questions for particular vendors or new lines or inquiry. I was super busy covering other things anyway. However I think I messed up and should have (somehow) made more time. I did walk through all the aisles and worked out who was there and importantly who was on the outside of the hall with the newer stuff.

I should have chatted to them more, I probably had badge scan fatigue!

I took some pics:

20160831_002153330_iOS_thumb1 20160829_002225044_iOS_thumb1 20160829_002251340_iOS_thumb1

 20160829_011237722_iOS_thumb2 20160829_011937713_iOS_thumb1

20160829_002343284_iOS_thumb2 20160831_002010727_iOS_thumb2

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