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VMworld: Juggling and jousting, VMware’s battles for the future

August 28th, 2015 No comments

VMware’s annual love fest that is VMworld kicks off in a few days time. VMworld isn’t just any vendor conference, it has become THE central meeting place to network and trade. Due to VMware technology being ubiquitous at the heart of the data center, nearly every vendor selling to the SMB, government or enterprise partners or interoperates with VMware meaning attendees can not only gorge themselves on VMware goodies but meet and catch-up with all the other vendors they also use, a very useful one-stop-shop conference.
VMware’s community has been the social gathering ground for much of the industry so getting up to date with technology is only half the fun, catching up with Twitter friends and meeting people from across the world is often the real reason people attend. Speaking to peers often teaches you more about the real world of IT compared to any amount of vendor marketing.

The world of IT doesn’t hang around, there’s constant change in how we do things and VMware is a prime target for change as everyone wants a piece of their pie. Nowadays there are options, VMware’s hypervisor isn’t the only viable one any more, Microsoft’s Hyper-V is good enough but without the bells and whistles and KVM, based on code you can change yourself is being rejigged and added to by many companies eager to fill in its shortcomings. Speaking of bells and whistles and shortcomings, these are the things that VMware’s hypervisor excel at which has made them rich but the bells and whisles are now no longer mandatory. New apps don’t need to rely on available infrastructure, you dont HAVE to have vMotion.

VMware is seen as rich pickings on so many fronts it must feel it is fighting battles in every corner it operates but that’s a sign of healthy competition which ultimately benefits customers. The fight is not just on the private infrastructure front but every type of cloud possible and also new ways of application development. There’s a lot going on in the IT world and much to infer by what is said or even not said at VMworld!

The People Juggling

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