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AWS re:Invent 2018: The Day 4 Buzz and the re:Play Party

November 30th, 2018

Before the keynote there was a DeepRacer final race from the people who were learning yesterday in the same workshop I attended: AWS re:Invent 2018: Robocar Rally 2018 – AIM206

It was a little disappointing, the cars didn’t seen to go as fast as the lap times yesterday.

20181129_160130575_iOS 20181129_160624014_iOS


Later on in the day I actually picked up my very own DeepRacer, this is going to be fun to play with!

Image result for deepracer 20181129_224857526_iOS

Werner Vogels Keynote


Some people say Werner is still delivering the long keynote from last year and we’re just coming in to see another instalment! Andy Jassy yesterday may be talking to the executives, today’s the turn of Werner to talk more technical and give us some of his considerable wisdom (you do know Werner isn’t just some “standard” tech CTO but one of the world’s recognised academic authorities on distributed systems now putting his brain into practical action at AWS).

Werner talks tech but also likes to thread a story about developing a new architecture for cloud use. Sure, you can just migrate your existing workloads to AWS but that’s going to cost you and generally keep your current complexity but now running somewhere else. Werner always advocates to truly take advantage of cloud you need a new architecture. His job is to sell you this vision so you take the time and effort to refactor your applications for the cloud to achieve a better business outcome and of course pay AWS rather than go somewhere else.

Werner lived up to his long running reputation and, I wrote up some notes: AWS re:Invent 2018: Werner Vogels Keynote Thoughts

Modern Application Development: A Leadership Discussion

David Richardson, Deepak Singh & Ken Exner from AWS

How do executives look at what AWS has to offer and align the choices with their “innovation”?

This was a discussion on how leaders help developers chose what to build with.

I wrote up some more detail in: AWS re:Invent 2018: Modern Application Development: A Leadership Discussion – SRV325


A Serverless Journey: AWS Lambda Under the Hood

Marc Brooker & Holly Mesrobian from AWS

How does Lambda work under the hood? We’ve got over the “there are servers in serverless memes” but how was Lambda designed and how does it run?

This looked like a super interesting session as AWS doesn’t often let you peek under the hood of how it runs its infrastructure. Of all the AWS services, arguably Lambda is the most interesting as the whole point of Lambda is you don’t have to worry about what’s underneath that hood and there’s a big engine!

See more about the (serverless) firehose that hit me at: AWS re:Invent 2018: A Serverless Journey: AWS Lambda Under the Hood – SRV409


AWS has a legendary party on the last night, no ageing tribute rock bands, or karaoke….AWS goes all out for an epic wrap-up party that people actually want to go to not just because there’s nothing else scheduled and they fancy a free drink. Electronic Dance Music is the theme normally with tonight’s star being a returning from 2014, DJ Skrillex.

This year there were also other musical options, AWS is branching out into more “traditional” enterprise IT so….that probably means “enterprise IT” style music Winking smile

20181130_035638556_iOS 20181130_035930948_iOS

20181130_035956490_iOS 20181130_074632800_iOS

20181130_040038755_iOS 20181130_040731648_iOS

20181130_040743202_iOS 20181130_041327881_iOS

20181130_040222243_iOS 20181130_040224677_iOS 20181130_040250077_iOS

20181130_040317417_iOS 20181130_040505446_iOS


20181130_073946979_iOS 20181130_074251907_iOS

So long…

That’s it for me for blogging while at the event. I’m off back to London tomorrow to sleep and recharge! I’m hoping there will be energy soon for a wrap-up thoughts blog.

Thanks for reading if you’ve been following and made it this far and and thanks for connecting if we met at re:Invent, its always the people that matter!

That’s Day 4 finished, FitBit says 25,540 steps today!

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