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VMworld US 2011 Session Content Breakdown

June 9th, 2011

I’ve been looking through the VMworld US Content Catalog which has recently been posted to get an understanding of what sessions, companies and presenters have been selected for the VMworld 2011 US conference in Las Vegas.

My proposal was rejected so I thought it would be useful to see what kinds of sessions VMware is looking for.

There are 124 Breakout Sessions, 8 Panel Sessions & 24 Hands-on Labs.

Panel Sessions

Looking at the 8 Panel Sessions, there are a total of 30 panel members.

  • 13 are VMware employees
  • 17 are from other companies
    • 3 panel members: EMC (1 panel)
    • 1 panel member: Aledo Independent School District, Arkansas Tech University, Catbird, City of Pittsburgh, Departland of Homeland Security, Florida Atlantic University, Independence Blue Cross, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratry, LLC, Ohio Department of Developmentnal Disabilities, School District of Somerset, The Virtualization Practice, TUV Rheinland Japan

Breakout Sessions

For the 124 Breakout Sessions, there are a total of 194 listed speakers (not all sessions indicate who is speaking yet). Some speakers are presenting multiple sessions but I’m not deduping them as it still counts as a separate session.

  • 121 speakers (62%) are VMware employees
  • 73 speakers (38%) are from other companies.
  • 70 sessions (56%) are presented solely by VMware employees.
  • 7 sessions have 2 speakers from the same company (not including VMware)

The following companies other than VMware have speakers presenting:

  • 4 speakers: EMC (4 sessions), HP (3 sessions)
  • 2 speakers (2 sessions): Cisco, NetApp, SAP, Varrow, Eurocontrol, Eucalyptus Systems
  • 2 speakers (1 session): Dell, CSC, IBM, INX, LoneStar College, MedCentral Health System
  • 1 speaker, Acumen Technologies/Omni, Apprenda, Atlantic Computing, AutoTrader.com, Bull SAS, Cardinal Health, CBRE, Coalfire Systems, Computacenter, Concentra, Concentrated Technology, ePlus Technologies, F5 Networks, FedEx, Food Inspection Agency, General Mills, GNAX, HCL, HyTrust, Integra Networks, Intel, Jeff C’Conner, Joel Driver, McAfee, Northwest Group, NTPRO.NL, Office Max, Quest Software, Rackspace, Reed Elsever, RSA, Sourcefire, TEVA, The Virtualization Practice, Thermo Fisher, Train Signal, Trend Micro, University of California, Berkeley, VCE, vcoportal, Vodafone, WakeMed


VMworld 2011 has been organised into 9 Tracks

TrackPanel SessionBreakout Session
Cloud Application Platform18
Cloud Infrastructure: Business Continuity111
Cloud Infrastructure: Management019
Cloud Infrastructure: Security and Compliance210
Cloud Infrastructure: Virtualizing Business Critical Applications08
Cloud Infrastructure: vSphere230
End-User Computing214
Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners012

Areas of Interest

There are 7 Areas of Interest, although many sessions aren’t related to a particular one.

Areas of InterestPanel SessionBreakout Session
Financial Services07

You may be able to work out what is of interest at VMworld and plan submissions if you would like to present. I get the impressions however if you are not a VMware or partner employee, or planning a co-presentation with VMware your chances of getting on your soap box are very slim.

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