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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, DataONTAP 1.5 released

August 4th, 2011

NetApp has updated it’s Powershell Toolkit which it calls DataONTAP to version 1.5 (I think PowerONTAP would be a much better name!).

You will need a Netapp NOW account which is available to customers and partners to download the toolkit.

There are 27 new cmdlets taking the total up to a massive 528 cmdlets with nearly all possible API’s now covered.

In the useful web help files you can look at the API’s page and see what DataONTAP command is the equivalent of each CLI command which is very useful.

Three of the new features of interest to me in 1.5 (For a VM environment I don’t use FC/iSCSI but plenty has been added for block protocols):

  • A new cmdlet, Get-NaEfficiency, which shows you the space efficiencies gained when using deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning and compression. (Have a look at the great communities script, Export-NaEfficiency to export the Get-NaEfficiency data to Excel)
  • A new cmdlet, Get-NaSystemLog to parse and display the contents of three Data ONTAP logs: messages, auditlog and ems and also be able to monitor it live for changes (like unix fail -f)
  • Enhancements to secure password handling for for many cmdlets to now accept PSCredential objects

Have a look at the PPT, Getting Started With Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit for installation instructions.

The power of PowerShell is in its integration and I think it is fantastic that so many companies are seeing the massive benefit of Powershell integration to their APIs.

Being able to have a single script in a single language with common objects, security, parameters and structure being able to talk to vSphere, NetApp, AD, DNS etc. has massive advantages for simplicity within automation.

I’m hoping to publish some PowerCLI / DataONTAP busines recovery related integration scripts soon.

Well done NetApp!

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