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VMworld Europe Independent #vBrownBag Tech Talk Sessions

October 12th, 2012

The official VMworld Barcelona session catalogue was huge and full of VMware sanctioned content. However running in parallel there was a fantastic community run fringe event.

The #vBrownBag guys stepped up to the plate and spent a lot of personal time to put together a whole series of short Tech Talks where anyone with something to say could have the spotlight.

Now, this wasn’t some soap box in the corner of a room with some nutters yelling into a megaphone but a super organised, livestreamed sponsored event with some serious content.

There were VMware employees and engineers talking about how you can run some seriously awesome yet unsupported VMware configurations as well as some seriously brainy and very highly regarded community members who have a passion for virtualisation and in their own time put together presentations that they thought the VMware community would be interested in.

Luckily these were all recorded so you can take some time out and see for yourself what the VMware community has to contribute.

vmktree flashback, a history lesson – Lars Troen

Challenges for Virtualizing small business – Andrea Mauro

Using Fusion-io for a VMware View deployment – Brian Knudtson

VMware View with (Wanova) Mirage – Jason Langone

#NotSupported Nested ESXi – William Lam

Workload Mobility – J Metz – Cisco

Automation Jeramiah Dooley & Josh Atwell

Why converged compute and data is the perfect platform for cloud services – Rob Tribe – Nutanix

Killing vRAM is a backward step – Simon Gallagher

#vSoup Live with Chris Dearden, Ed Czerwin, Christian MohnEd Grigson

How the software-defined datacenter is going to leave you with empty racks – Mike Laverick

#NotSupported – vTardis nested ESX lab – Simon Gallagher

VCDX certification from VCDX001 – John Arrasjid  & Wade Holmes

Virtualizing workloads in the face of Disaster – Ed Czerwin from #vSoup

OS and Application deployment automation with Razor and Puppet – Jonas Rosland

VDI Architectural Decisions That Can Come Back to Bite You – Chris Gebhardt

Security in the virtual world, how much is needed? – Matthew Northam

Engaging tech support for vSphere professionals – Chris Dearden

My VCDX journey – Artur Krzywdzinski

The rise of the x86 mainframe – Archie Hendryx

Managing Data – Scott Lowe

Host Based Replication – Shannon Snowden

Orchestrating Non VMware workloads with vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 – Steven Bryen

How to identify your data scalability points and build Cloud-scale data strategy – Alexandre Vasseur

VAAI tips, specifics, common pitfalls and caveats on NFS – Bas Raayman

New VMware Cerifications, who are they for and how do you get them – Andrea Mauro & Alastair Cooke

#NotSupported VMware Workstation – Jason Joel

  1. October 31st, 2012 at 17:52 | #1

    Thanks for putting this together and giving out some vBrownBag love!

  2. WoodITWork
    November 1st, 2012 at 15:58 | #2

    @Josh Atwell Pleasure, you guys did a fantastic job

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