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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, DataONTAP 3 released with new Performance Monitoring and full ONTAP 8.2 API Support

August 9th, 2013

NetApp has updated its PowerShell Toolkit, DataONTAP to version 3.

Two major features have been added:
A new cmdlet Invoke-NcSysstat which is like Invoke-NaSysstat and allows you to monitor cluster system performance stats for:  System, FCP, NFSv3, NFSv4, CIFS, iSCSI, Volume, Ifnet, LUN, and Disk.

Invoke-NcSysstat works in both the cluster and Vserver context for Data ONTAP 8.2 and up. For Data ONTAP versions previous to 8.2, Invoke-NcSysstat must be run in the cluster context. Ifnet and Disk performance stats aren’t available when running against the Vserver context.


Invoke-NcSysstat can also aggregate performance stats for selected objects.

imageONTAP 8.2 API support is now complete with 67 new cmdlets in the clustered ONTAP set and 27 cmdlets with new parameters for Data ONTAP 8.2for a total of 1738 cmdlets.

The following parameters have been added to the 7-mode cmdlet set:

  • ConvertTo-NaVhd: FollowParent
  • ConvertTo-NaVhdx: FollowParent
  • Read-NaDirectory: Encode
  • Set-NaDiskOwner: All, DiskCount, DiskType
  • Start-NaClone: IgnoreStreams, IgnoreLocks
    The following parameters have been added to the clustered ONTAP cmdlet set:

  • Add-NcSnmpCommunity: VserverContext
  • Copy-NcLdapClientSchema: VserverContext
  • Get-NcNfsService: Query
  • Get-NcPerfInstance: VserverContext
  • Invoke-NcClusterHaTakeover: BypassOptimization, SkipLifMigration
  • New-NcClone: IgnoreStreams, IgnoreLocks, QosPolicyGroup
  • New-NcFlexcachePolicy: MetafilesTimeToLive, SymbolicTimeToLive, OtherTimeToLive, DelegationLruTimeout, PreferLocalCache, Vserver
  • New-NcLdapClient: VserverContext
  • New-NcUser: Comment
  • Read-NcFile: Stream
  • Remove-NcFlexcachePolicy: Vserver
  • Remove-NcLdapClient: VserverContext
  • Remove-NcLdapClientSchema: VserverContext
  • Remove-NcSnmpCommunity: VserverContext
  • Set-NcAutoSupportConfig: IsOndemandEnabled, IsOndemandRemoteDiagEnabled, OndemandServerUrl, OndemandPollingInterval, MinimumPrivateDataLength
  • Set-NcDiskOwner: All, DiskCount, DiskType
  • Set-NcFlexcachePolicy: MetafilesTimeToLive, SymbolicTimeToLive, OtherTimeToLive, DelegationLruTimeout, PreferLocalCache, Vserver
  • Set-NcLdapClient: VserverContext
  • Set-NcLdapClientSchema: VserverContext
  • Set-NcRoleConfig: MinPasswordSpecialCharacter, PasswordExpirationDuration, MaxFailedLoginAttempts, LockoutDurationDays, RequireInitialPasswordUpdate
  • Set-NcUser: Comment
  • Write-NcFile: Stream
  • Get-NaVirtualDiskAlignment and Repair-NaVirtualDiskAlignment can now detect and repair alignment issues for both VHD and VHDX format disks.
  • Set-NaVirtualDiskSize now supports growing and shrinking VHDX format virtual disks.
  • The NDMP copy cmdlets (Start-NaNdmpCopy and Invoke-NaNdmpCopy) have been improved.  The credentials cache will look up credentials based on the IP addresses and hostnames associated with the IP addresses.  The DstController parameter is no longer a required parameter.  If DstController is omitted, the SrcController is used as the destination.
  • Copy-NaHostFile will now offload the copy operation to Data ONTAP whenever cloning is not possible.
  • Show-NaHelp now displays help for aliased cmdlets in the clustered ONTAP online help documentation.


  • Timestamp output sometimes not returned correctly for Get-NcPerfData.
  • Get-NaSnapmirrorConnection address pairs were missing for Data ONTAP 8.2.
  • Controller connection serialized then deserialized with ConvertTo-SerializedString and ConvertFrom-SerializedString would not initialize ONTAPI version properly.
  • Several of the “Related Links” in the online help documentation were broken.
  • SCSI unmap performance increase.
  • NDMP copy cmdlets (Invoke-NaNdmpCopy and Start-NaNdmpCopy) could hang if the source path does not exist.
  • Divide-by-zero error could occur in Get-NcEfficiency.

NetApp has updated its “Making the Most of Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit” with the new 3.0 features

Have a look at the PPT, Getting Started With Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit for installation instructions.

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