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VMworld US 2014: The Day 4 Buzz

August 28th, 2014



image Was excellent to have the final Run VMworld this morning although it didn’t feel like it until we started. Thanks to everyone who joined over the week, it was great to meet everyone and chat.

General Session

Today’s General Session isn’t the usual VMware announcement session but named People + Machines: Redefining The Possible featuring three innovators exploring new ways of connecting people and machines.

Jane McGonigal http://janemcgonigal.com/ who is a designer of alternate reality games and is also an author talked about creating games that bring everyday people together as teammates.

Jane has done a TED talk previously on this topic.


Next up was James Patton  – http://www.jamespatten.com/index.php who is an inventor, visual artist & designer and also TED fellow. James basically takes the computer interface off the screen and puts it into your hands.

Here’s James TED Talk.


Sean Gourley who is a physicist and Collective Intelligence Researcher and another TED Fellow and Rhodes Scholar. Sean’s work is a collaboration between people and machines, as a way to understanding very complex information. http://seangourley.com/

Here’s Sean’s TED Talk.

I then attended: INF1552 – SDDC: Buzzword to Reality. Discussions with SDDC Architects that Goes Well Beyond Markitecture

This was a panel discussion with VMware staff: Fabio Rapposelli, Éamon Ryan, Marco Caronna, Matt Vandenbeld and Nathan Raper

All the panelists are from VMware’s Global Center of Excellence and the topic was real world SDDC designs and implementations. The panel talked about changing operational procedures and see this as one of the major factors holding enterprises back from heading along the SDDC journey. Also at scale automation becomes so important but this should be put into the design from the very beginning. Adding automation to large scale can sometimes be far harder than if it was part of the design. Questions also about security and how difficult this is to actually implement. Audience member mentioned with VMware putting a lot of network security in NSX, this may make security even harder for companies to implement good security if they don’t use NSX with the remaining VMware tools.

Panelists also stressed how critical policy is to the SDDC and this is the only way to manage  infrastructure at scale.

Interesting discussion continued about scale. VMware has been working in China with a telecoms provider with 500 million customers and a very small web company that needed to build infrastructure to supports its 13 million customers so they made the point that scale for the SDDC needs to be built in to support massive workloads and VMware is working to ensure scale means BIG.

#vBrownbag Tech Talks

Special mention needs to go to everyone at #vBrownbag who did an amazing job putting on all the Tech Talks in the Hang Space. This was phenomenal content from so many different people across the VMware community covering every conceivable topic. Have a look at the whole schedule from where you can watch the recordings.


The VMworldTV crew has been extremely busy this year. Here are some of their interviews:

VMworld TV Interviews Start-Up DataGravity


VMworld TV Interview: Michael Webster and Michael Corey


VMworld TV deep dives into Log Insight


VMworld TV Interview: VMUG explains all

Nutanix speak to VMworld TV about their exciting new products


VMworld TV Interviews Todd C. Valentine about the Fling Contest

VMworld TV Interview: Mike Foley of VMware demos vSphere 6.0


VMworld TV Interview: Liquidware Labs


VMworld TV Exclusive Interview: Brad Hedlund

VMworld TV Interview: Matt Liebowitz and Alex Fontana


VMworld TV Interview: Robin Matlock, CMO, about Destination Giveback


It’s a wrap!

Wow, another incredible week. It’s such a privilege to be part of such a vibrant community of fun, engaging and interesting people.

IMG_4930 Our industry is expanding at such an incredible rate and although it may feel intimidating to try to keep up to date, this also means there are so many more avenues of opportunity. VMware still continues to grow and is maintaining that lustre it has carried since it started. There are certainly headwinds, public cloud is just in its infancy and the current global superstars are Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Can VMware both run its own public cloud as well as maintain a partner public cloud network or will this competition cause both to fail? Private Cloud will be a dwindling market as inevitably more applications move to the public cloud, will people pick VMware or go elsewhere where VMware doesn’t get license revenue. Can they manage this transition successfully or is EMC happy for VMware to get smaller while Pivotal gets bigger with the EMC federation ultimately still winning.

VMware still has work to do to consolidate its broad portfolio of products. vCD, vCAC and vCenter never mind new software like in EVO:RAIL/RACK overlap. vRealize will try to bring common management and automation to both private and public clouds but simplicity of management is going to be absolutely paramount and this is what Amazon and Azure are trying to offer. VMware has to be able to provide extremely simple management across all clouds. The EUC BU will continue to integrate AirWatch and now CloudVolumes which is exciting tech.

Pat Gelsinger says the last decade was about VMware conquering the world with compute virtualisation and the next 10 years will be all about network virtualisation and VMware is putting a huge amount of energy into this. The SDDC monster rages forward.

It’s been amazing meeting so many people this week, reconnecting with people I haven’t seen for a year in person and connecting with so many new friends.

Well, that’s the end of VMworld for me in San Francisco. Plenty to catch up on after the show as it is impossible to digest everything through the week, but its time to sleep!

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