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VMworld Europe 2015: The Day –1 Buzz

October 11th, 2015



VMworld Barcelona starts off unofficially today, the day before Partner Day (Day 0) the Day before the full house start (Day 1) so, why not, I’m calling it Day –1! A shortish hop over from London landed me in pleasantly warmer Barcelona. I took the free shuttle from the airport which dropped me in the middle of nowhere which is precisely where the conference center is.

2015-10-11 18.54.47   2015-10-11 18.54.35

I headed off to my teeny apartment which turns out not to be quite where I expected (Fira geography fail, I should know better!) and is beautifully done in pink and purple. 🙂

Based on my preview post: VMworld Europe Preview: Differences + the DevOps Dilemmas where I talked about the differences between VMworld US and Europe and highlighted the cultural melting pot that is Europe, what better way than to meet up socially with fellow VMworlders from across Europe and beyond at the vRockstar kickoff gathering at the Hard Rock Cafe. This is a now yearly event organised by Marco Broeken, Patrick Redknap & team who put on a fantastic party.


 2015-10-11 20.37.51

2015-10-11 22.09.52 2015-10-11 22.10.40  2015-10-11 23.26.27

2015-10-11 21.08.10 2015-10-11 21.05.33

 2015-10-11 21.18.40               2015-10-11 21.21.33

2015-10-11 22.04.48 2015-10-11 21.34.44

2015-10-11 20.52.44 2015-10-11 20.54.11

2015-10-11 22.08.20  2015-10-11 22.36.18

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