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UKVMUG: Demystifying the Future of IT , an IT practitioners guide

November 17th, 2016

vmugI had the huge honour today of presenting the closing keynote at the UK National VMUG.
I’ve attended all but one of the previous six UK VMUGs and my excuse for missing last year’s was attending Virtualisation Field Day 4 so I’ll take a pass for that!

I presented “Demystifying the Future of IT, an IT practitioners guide”
The premise was helping IT practitioners navigate a complicated cloud journey.

Here are the slides:

As well as a summary:

I want to redefine the journey as a multi-cloud one rather than just hybrid which implies a single private and public cloud relationship. Multi-cloud means embracing all the cloud offerings from on-premises to AWS/Azure encompassing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
I all to briefly went through a small part of Wardley Mapping to help people focus on user needs and map out their IT on the Evolutionary Pathway which tracks things from Genesis through to Utility. This I hope helps people work out what to build vs. buy vs. consume.

Resetting on simplicity is a big theme, to try to make things much simpler to operate and manage which also helps deciding on where to place things.

I went through how Microsoft transitioned its own Treasury department to a cloud model by working out what could be binned, transitioned to SaaS, refactored for PaaS, lifted and shifted to IaaS or left alone on-prem.

I touched on how difficult private cloud is to achieve with available software (vRealise Automation one of the culprits) and then went on to DevOps and integrating it with Infrastructure as Code to be able to manage and control these multiple clouds you will inevitably have. For building a cloud you should start small, use MVP principles, build on your success and plan for policy based management.

Then onto hyper-converged which should be the dominant platform for infrastructure that you need to host yourself.

I covered VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation which is further abstracting away provisioning infrastructure. Also went through the IaaS that is VMware on AWS.

I gave kudos to VMware for more focus on the core offering, bugs aside they are driving change to vCenter with the VCSA as well as APIs, VMware Validated Designs and migrations. There is a palpable sense that VMware realises it has to shape up.

Of source I went through microservices and containers, Docker, the large ecosystem and VMware’s Cloud Native Apps story.

Onto PaaS and Cloud Foundry which is true multi-cloud at the PaaS layer.

Talked about Serverless and how this is going to revolutionise coding when IaaS and even PaaS are hidden.

I had to mentioned the importance of APIs and automation, the rise of Open Source.

I then went through some tangible security tips and then finished talking about how there is great opportunity for learning and career expansion in this multi-cloud world, we don’t need to fear the robots taking oer just yet!

Thanks for having me UKVMUG.

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  1. Hari Singh
    November 18th, 2016 at 11:39 | #1

    your presentation was very useful and you presented very well.

  2. Julian Wood
    April 13th, 2017 at 14:18 | #2

    @Hari Singh
    Thanks Hari. 🙂

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