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AWS re:Invent 2018: The Quad at Aria – Builders Fair + other fun and games

November 28th, 2018

The Quad is a great part of re:Invent separate from the normal vendor showfloor. The Quad contains a builders fair, a big VMware community booth which I’ve blogged about separately: AWS re:Invent 2018: VMware at AWS re:Invent and plenty of other fun and games.

Builders Fair

I spent some time going through some of the booths to see what interesting things people are cooking up on the cloud. Interesting the vast majority where using mostly serverless services to lash together the various AWS services, no-one was talking about what they ran in EC2 instances.


Linking up a DeepLens Camera to a bicycle to watch traffic and also using other sensors to monitor performance

20181127_221758543_iOS 20181127_221751734_iOS

IoT Coffee Dispenser

Use conversational stuff with Alexa or answer some pretty random question and then the “machine” would chose which flavour of coffee suited you best and popped out of the ioT device (it didn’t actually make coffee!)

20181127_221943109_iOS 20181127_221948026_iOS

Mirror Mirror

A “magic” mirror which is a normal screen with a reflective coating. You can interact with the magic mirror to ask it to display a whole bunch of feeds. You can also display an avatar using AWS Sumerian which you can then speak to as well. Uses a whole bunch of serverless services to do speech and character representation. This was well done.

20181127_222518982_iOS 20181127_222445329_iOS


Deep Laser

An Alexa controlled system, you ask Alexa to point the laser at the car for example, it uses DeepLens to work out what the camera can see and then sends an IoT command to a Raspberry Pi to point the laser at what you see,

20181127_222705591_iOS 20181127_222659716_iOS


With young kids, seriously into their lego, I loved watching the building of the Rube Goldberg machine again this year which you can add to and therefore evolves over the week. I will head back towards the end of the week and see it again.


20181127_223048147_iOS 20181127_222937236_iOS

20181127_222950605_iOS 20181127_222957260_iOS

20181127_223019523_iOS 20181127_223024110_iOS

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