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VMware vVolumes: the game changing future for storage is demoed

October 29th, 2012 No comments

At VMworld 2011. VMware Virtual Volumes, vVolumes or vVols for short was previewed which I reviewed in my post at the time. You can now see the original presentation:

VMworld 2011: VSP3205 – VMware vStorage APIs for VM and Application Granular Data Management

Well, another year and another VMworld has passed and it seems the storage game changer is getting closer to seeing the light of day if the recent spate of tech preview demos are anything to go by.

First of all, a recap on what are vVols.

vVols are a completely new storage architecture designed to be the next generation of storage with a few key features:

  1. Allow management of VM storage to be at the VM level, no longer at the LUN / volume level
  2. All the storage heavy lifting in terms of moving data, snapshots, replication, deduplication etc. is done at the storage array
  3. No disruption to existing VM creation workflows
  4. Massive scale of number of VMs per storage system

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