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Getting VM Time Zone settings with PowerCLI and WMI

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

VM performance troubleshooting is something every VM Admin needs to do.

Often these can be related to agents running within a VM and often these are set to run at a particular local time.

VDI deployments often have people from different time zones working different shifts connecting to VMs in a central site with the idea that a particular agent task will always run out of hours from when people work. This would obviously not happen if the guest local time zone was not set correctly.

PowerCLI to the rescue and a one-liner that connects to a particular set of VMs and uses WMI to find out what time zone is set.

Get-VM -Location (Get-Folder "Workstations-Call Center") | Where { $_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn" } | select Name, @{ Name="Time Zone"; Expression={(Get-WmiObject -Class win32_TimeZone -Comp $_.Guest.HostName).Caption}}
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Logged on users with Powershell

August 20th, 2010 1 comment

Hugo Peeters has a great function for using WMI to get Logged on Users:

This can be easily used in PowerCLI.  This can be very useful when you need to do some VM maintenance in a VDI environment and need to find out who is currently logged on and know which VMs are not in use and can be worked on.

$VMs = Get-Cluster "LON_PROD1" | Get-VM | Where { $_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn" }
ForEach ($VM in $VMs) {
	Write-Host "Logged On Users for: " $VM.Guest.HostName
	Get-WmiObject Win32_LoggedOnUser -ComputerName $VM.Guest.HostName | Select Antecedent -Unique | %{"{0}\{1}" -f $_.Antecedent.ToString().Split(’"‘)[1], $_.Antecedent.ToString().Split(’"‘)[3]}
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