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Investigating the health of a vCenter database server

March 9th, 2011

VMware has released a new KB article all about investigting the health of a vCenter database.

I’ve blogged before on the major issue with vCenter being a massive single point of failure and also on some steps to work out excessive growth in the database which is now included in this article.

This new KB article does provide good advice and plenty of additional troubleshooting steps for working out where your issues are but the fact still remains that the current design for vCenter is far too monolithic, relying on a database that vCenter itself can corrupt, especially when VDI may require constant availability and more and more management products “bolt-on” to vCenter

Also, alarmingly, the final troubleshooting step is:

Reinitializing the vCenter database
A reinitialization of the vCenter database will reset it to the default configuration as if the vCenter server was newly installed. The following are a few situations which could warrant reseting the database:

  • Rebuild of vCenter is required
  • Data corruption is suspected
  • At the request of VMware Support


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