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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, DataONTAP 2 released supporting ONTAP 8.1 Cluster Mode & more vdisk conversions

It seems like only yesterday (well, OK 3 months ago) that NetApp updated it’s Powershell Toolkit, DataONTAP to version 1.7.

Well, today, now we have Powershell Toolkit, DataONTAP version 2.0

The major features include:

  • Data ONTAP 8.1 (Cluster-Mode) support – Cluster Mode Powershell architecture is now said to be stable and complete, 86 new cmdlets
  • Dynamic VHD to fixed VHD conversion – Use rapid copy-offload with ConvertTo-NaVhd to convert a dynamic VHD to a thin, fixed VHD to fix alignment issues without using more space for both LUNs and CIFS shares
  • LUN to VHD file conversion – ConvertTo-NaVhd can convert an entire LUN to a VHD file in another LUN, great for P2Vs.
  • VHD file to LUN conversion – new cmdlet ConvertTo-NaLun to convert a VHD file to a LUN for a V2P if you need to
  • NDMP copy client – 4 new cmdlets to monitor NDMP copy operations.
  • More CIFS shares support – building in support for Windows Server 2012 supporting Hyper-V over SMB.

New cmdlets, not including the Cluster-Mode set:

  • Invoke-NaEmsAutosupportLog
  • Rename-NaFile
  • Get-NaLunAttribute
  • Set-NaLunAttribute
  • ConvertTo-NaLun
  • Disable-NaNdmp
  • Enable-NaNdmp
  • Invoke-NaNdmpCopy
  • Start-NaNdmpCopy
  • Stop-NaNdmpCopy
  • Get-NaNdmpCopy

New Cluster-Mode cmdlets:

  • Audit (2 cmdlets)
  • Autosupport (11 cmdlets)
  • Cf (6 cmdlets)
  • Clock (1 cmdlet)
  • Ems (19 cmdlets)
  • Host (1 cmdlet)
  • Name mapping (10 cmdlets)
  • Ndmp (2 cmdlets)
  • Perf (4 cmdlets)
  • Qos (18 cmdlets)
  • Ses (3 cmdlets)
  • System (7 cmdlets)
  • Wafl (2 cmdlets)


  • A new cmdlet, Add-NcHostIscsiTargetPortal, handles iSCSI initiator target portal configuration for Cluster-Mode.
  • A timeout parameter is available on Invoke-NaSsh and Invoke-NcSsh.
  • The Install.ps1 and Uninstall.ps1 scripts have been improved for simpler operation.
  • Get-NaEfficiency now reports overprovisioning levels for aggregates.
  • Improved reporting of RPC error messages.
  • Added -Use32Bit switch to New-NaAggr.
  • Set default igroup type in New-NaIgroup and New-NcIgroup to “windows”.
  • Improved Get-NaClone parameter sets.

NetApp has updated its “Making the Most of Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit” with the new 2.0 features

Have a look at the PPT, Getting Started With Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit for installation instructions.

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