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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, DataONTAP 1.7 released with VHD/VMDK file conversion and VHD alignment

February 2nd, 2012

NetApp has today updated it’s Powershell Toolkit, DataONTAP to version 1.7.

I’ve said it before but a rebranding to PowerONTAP would be a much cooler!

The major features include:

VHD/VMDK file conversion. You can use ConvertTo-NaVhd and ConvertTo-NaVmdk to use NetApp FlexClone to convert between VHD files used on Hyper-V & XenServer and VMDK files on VMware. That could make any hypervisor migrations so much easier.

VHD partition detection and alignment using Get-NaVirtualDiskAlignment and Repair-NaVirtualDiskAlignment on MBR fixed VDH files.

Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode Support with 227 new cmdlets, yes that is 227 NEW cmdlets bringing the total Cluster-Mode cmdlets to 375.

CIFS rapid file cloning so you can duplicate files within CIFS shares (great for say refreshing test datasets from prod) using file level FlexClone.

Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) Space reclamation so you can now reclaim space not just in NTFS LUNs but also in CSVs.

Here is the list of the new Cluster-Mode cmdlets

  • Cifs (32 cmdlets)
  • Clone (1 cmdlet)
  • Cluster peer (6 cmdlets)
  • Disk (10 cmdlets)
  • Exports (9 cmdlets)
  • Fc (4 cmdlets)
  • Fcp (20 cmdlets)
  • File (9 cmdlets)
  • Igroup (10 cmdlets)
  • Iscsi (30 cmdlets)
  • Net (27 cmdlets)
  • Nfs (13 cmdlets)
  • Portset (5 cmdlets)
  • Quota (9 cmdlets)
  • Security (13 cmdlets)
  • Sis (10 cmdlets)
  • Snapmirror (16 cmdlets)
  • Storage adapter (3 cmdlets)

and here are the other new cmdlets

  • ConvertTo-NaVhd
  • ConvertTo-NaVmdk
  • Get-NaVirtualDiskAlignment
  • Repair-NaVirtualDiskAlignment
  • Enable-NaStorageAdapter
  • Get-NaStorageAdapter
  • Get-NaStorageAdapterInfo
  • Get-NaControllerError
  • ConvertTo-SerializedString
  • ConvertFrom-SerializedString

NetApp has updated its “Making the Most of Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit” with the new 1.7 features

Have a look at the PPT, Getting Started With Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit for installation instructions.

Well done NetApp, great to see you going further and faster with PowerShell!

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