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VMworld Europe 2011 Session Content Breakdown

June 17th, 2011

After my previous post, looking through the VMworld US 2011 Session Content Breakdown, I’ve done the same for the VMworld European conference.

There are 116 Breakout Sessions, 3 Panel Sessions & 23 Hands-on Labs.

As a summary it looks like there are a lot more sessions presented by VMware employees:

Panel Sessions

Looking at the 3 Panel Sessions, there are a total of 11 panel members.

  • 6 are VMware employees
  • 5 are from other companies
    • 1 panel member: Independence Blue Cross, TUV Rheinland Japan, Hopwood Hall College, Drenthe College, New College Durham

Breakout Sessions

For the 116 Breakout Sessions, there are a total of 177 listed speakers (not all sessions indicate who is speaking yet). Some speakers are presenting multiple sessions but I’m not deduping them as it still counts as a separate session.

  • 141 speakers (80%) are VMware employees
  • 36 speakers (20%) are from other companies.
  • 88 sessions (76%) are presented solely by VMware employees.
  • 1 session has 2 speakers from the same company (not including VMware)

The following companies other than VMware have speakers presenting:

  • 5 speakers: EMC (5 sessions)
  • 2 speakers (2 sessions): NetApp, SAP, Eurocontrol
  • 2 speakers (1 session): IBM
  • 1 speaker, Apprenda, Atlantis Computing, CBRE, Bluelock, Bull S.A.S., Cisco, Colt Technology Services Group, Computacenter, DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & Co. OHG, FedEx, HP, Intel, Kingston Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, McAfee, Northwest Group, NYSE Technologues, RSA, Sourcefire, Telecommunications, TEVA, Train Signal, vcoportal, Vodafone


VMworld 2011 has been organised into 9 Tracks

TrackPanel SessionBreakout Session
Cloud Application Platform17
Cloud Infrastructure: Business Continuity18
Cloud Infrastructure: Management017
Cloud Infrastructure: Security and Compliance07
Cloud Infrastructure: Virtualizing Business Critical Applications09
Cloud Infrastructure: vSphere024
End-User Computing114
Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners017

Areas of Interest

There are 7 Areas of Interest, although many sessions aren’t related to a particular one.

Areas of InterestPanel SessionBreakout Session
Financial Services05

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